Annual Air Conditioner Cleaning Service

Air conditioner cleaning service should be performed annually, according to most air conditioner manufactures. Having an annual air conditioner cleaning and check can help to prevent breakdowns, boost efficiency, and extend the life span of your air conditioner. In fact, some manufacturers even need yearly air conditioner cleanings as upkeep on an air purifier guarantee! Though it seems a bit early for air conditioner assistance, it helps beat the summertime and makes certain all components of your home comfort system are prepared!

When you have not had a Clean & Check performed on your air conditioner system, then it is not working at optimum efficiency. Most air conditioning system clogs are directly associated with small or no upkeep — often leading to premature breakdown of your central air elements. Merlin’s Home Services air conditioner service technicians can inspect, clean, and tune in your air conditioner unit, which will guarantee a cool and comfy summertime for you and your loved ones.

Air Conditioning Cleaning Checklist

  • Ensure the unit is operating normally by cycling through a brief call for A/C. If it is not, inform the customer immediately and convert the call to a repair with their permission.
  • Remove and check furnace filter and return for debris and dirt
  • Inspect Blower wheel and Blower motor/fan belt. Clean and oil if necessary for an additional charge.
  • Inspect condensate drain system
  • Clean interior and exterior of condenser cabinet of dirt and debris
  • Clean condenser coils
  • Check fan blade
  • Inspect refrigerant piping and insulation on the suction line
  • Inspect all wiring and electrical connections
  • Check amperage draw
  • Check refrigerant level using superheat or subcooling
  • Inform customer of any issues found, then secure all panel

To prevent early break-down of important air conditioner components such as your ac compressor, and ensure a cozy summer season, call Merlin’s Home Services in Phoenix, Arizona to carry out a central air purifier test now!