DIY AC duct cleaning in Phoenix, AZ (or anywhere else) has numerous benefits. The dust trapped in your HVAC system poses a high hazard. Aside from eliminating health hazards related to dust, dirt, and other harsh elements, a radical clean-up ensures that you enjoy clean air. Your air conditioning and heating systems also are likely to last longer thanks to clean ducts. Here is a guide to proper AC duct cleaning (and vents, too) in your house.

  1. Cover Supply Registers

The first step to AC duct cleaning is to conceal the supply registers with paper towels or microfiber cloths. Your ducts are getting to undergo a far-reaching cleaning, and it’s only logical that you prevent the dust from getting to other areas around the home. To conceal the supply registers, lift the grills and cover with paper towels then replace them.

  1. Activate Fan

You should activate the fan just before you start cleaning your ducts. This may relax the dust and make sure that it moves along as you start your cleaning. However, confirm the heat supply is off.

  1. Clean Supply and Return Air Registers

Use a brush or vacuum to wash your supply registers. Lift the registers and sweep out the dust and debris. Use an extended broom to comb deep into the registers’ piping system. And unscrew the return air registers and sweep away any dust accumulated inside the piping system.

  1. Close Up Power Connected to the System

After leaving the fan running for a couple of minutes, it’s recommended that you close up the facility connected to the system, as you get right down to serious business. This is often because you’ll get to access the most ducts, and it’s highly risky to try this when the system is running.

  1. Unscrew Air Passage Covers

Air duct covers are often fastened using screws or other fasteners. Employing a standard screwdriver, unscrew air passage covers and grills, to realize access to your ducts. Clean the grates applying a cleaning cloth. If they’re too dirty, then you ought to think about using soap and water.

  1. Vacuum Clean the Air Ducts

Your vacuum should have a hose long enough to succeed in the troublesome spots and corners. Vacuum clean your air ducts meticulously, leaving no place untouched. It would help if you acquired a heavy-duty vacuum, considering that a standard cleaner isn’t powerful enough for deep cleaning. Use your brush to get rid of molds and mildew inside the ductwork. Additionally, use your cleaning cloth to wipe the inside of the duct as far as you’ll reach.

  1. Clean Blower Compartment

Considering that the facility is off, you’ll now access the return air boot and, therefore, the blower compartment by removing the panels on the front of the furnace. The majority of dust and dirt build-up around the furnace, resulting in clogging. Use your vacuum to get rid of dirt and debris from the blower compartment. Be extra careful when cleaning the furnace fan so that it won’t be damaged.

  1. Replace Furnace Filter

Clogging and build-up of dust will undoubtedly damage your furnace filter. A malfunctioning filter won’t only restrict airflow, but also reduce the lifespan of your air conditioning. After cleaning your air ducts and vents, always make some extent to replacing your furnace filter.


There are different ways of AC duct cleaning in your house. Doing it, DIY can be effective if done correctly. However, when everything is completed and dusted, your home will probably be a big mess. AC duct cleaning in Phoenix, AZ, and anywhere else requires you to use your vacuum to clean-up your home. If you are having trouble cleaning your air ducts, you should consider enlisting the services of knowledgeable cleaners like Merlin’s Home Services.

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