At Merlin’s AC and Plumbing, we strongly recommend that you have your HVAC system cleaned at least once a year, including your ducts as well as the system itself. This ensures that your system is always ready to perform and that your air quality is always at the optimal levels.

Yes. We provide 24 hour emergency services for those unexpected events that can lead to discomfort in your home, as well as risk of damage or injury. Our talented technicians are available day or night.

At Merlin’s AC and Plumbing, we offer comprehensive solutions for AC installation. Our skilled HVAC specialists can help you determine the style and size of air conditioning system that will benefit your home, providing full installation and maintenance.

We offer a full range of duct repair and installation services to our customers, and provide competitive rates for all of our work. For a more accurate understanding of the costs associated with these services, ask our team for an estimate today by calling us at (602) 892-5338.

While we can do this, we strongly recommend replacing both, as replacing just one means that you will have a mismatched system that may cause problems in the future, though there are options if your HVAC system is new.