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Get Home Energy Audits in Phoenix, AZ

Home Energy Audit Service in Phoenix AZ

After upgrading your system based on our energy assessments, you will save money and improve your comfort level.

Merlin’s Home Services sends an energy auditor to your home to evaluate your energy use. Our professional home energy audits in Phoenix, AZ, include a room-by-room evaluation of your home and a review of your previous utility bills using a blower door test and thermographic scan. Our energy assessments include a PFT air infiltration measurement process when necessary, although this isn’t routinely used. The Energy Saver 101 infographic will show you what to expect from our energy auditors to determine where you’re wasting energy.

We recommend preparing for a visit from our energy auditor by compiling a list of problems you notice, such as drafty or uncomfortable rooms or condensation buildup. Have copies of your energy bills available. You can ask your utility company for copies if you don’t already have them. We will use this information during our professional home energy audits in Phoenix, AZ, to determine what we should check. Our examinations begin with the exterior of your home to evaluate its size and other attributes, like the number of windows and wall space.

Our energy assessments will also factor in your behavior, such as:
  • How often is someone home?
  • What is your average thermostat setting in summer and winter?
  • How many men and women reside in your home?
  • Do you use each room?
Our energy auditor will use your answers to determine ways to reduce energy use. After walking through your house and asking questions, we use specialized equipment, including furnace efficiency meters, infrared cameras, surface thermometers, and blower doors, to find the source of energy loss.
Home Energy Audit Phoenix AZ

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