You might be worried about the condition of your air ducts, or you might be wondering who does AC duct cleaning around Phoenix, Arizona. However, before you go looking for service providers in your area, or calculating the costs, it must be determined first if your air ducts actually need to be cleaned in the first place.

People are concerned that their air ducts are contaminated and are affecting air quality inside their homes. A lot of service providers are marketing products and services to conduct air duct cleaning too. Air duct cleaning costs differ depending on the size of the system, level of contamination, and accessibility of the system.

However, when we say air duct cleaning, this really means cleaning the entire HVAC system. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) encourages citizens to weigh in their considerations first before employing any air duct cleaning services.

When is Duct Cleaning Needed?

According to EPA, studies are not conclusive that dust from inside air ducts poses any health risk. Additionally, there is no sufficient evidence that shows that dirty AC ducts increase particle levels inside homes because much of the dirt in AC ducts adheres to the ducts’ surfaces. Outdoor and indoor pollutants from cooking, cleaning or smoking cause greater exposure to contaminants than dirty air ducts according to the agency.

EPA enumerated conditions when to consider air duct cleaning:

If the conditions described above exist, then it might be high time to contact service providers for AC duct cleaning in Phoenix, Arizona. Failure to properly install, operate, or maintain the components of your entire system may cause contamination. Experts should only do proper AC duct cleaning. And you must take necessary precautions in assessing your provider’s competence and reliability.

EPA recommends talking to at least three service providers and estimating costs before hiring the services of one. The agency also suggests making sure that your service provider agrees to clean all components. Once there is contamination in one of the parts, this could result in the re-contamination of the entire HVAC system.

Recommended AC Duct Cleaning methods

Some service providers for air duct cleaning in Phoenix may tell you to apply chemical biocide inside your air ducts. Doing this can help kill fungi or bacteria and prevent future growth. Others may propose the use of sealants to avoid the release of dust particles or leaks. EPA reminds the public to be careful when permitting the application of chemical biocides and sealants as there are no chemical biocides currently registered by the agency for internally-insulated HVAC systems. It is critical to assess whether your service provider offers green air duct and vent cleaning.

Methods of AC duct cleaning in Phoenix, Arizona, may vary from other cities or states. Still, typically, a service provider will use specialized tools to dislodge accumulated dirt or debris and vacuum these out. You may also contact Merlin’s Home Services so you can be assisted on how to keep your air conditioning clean.

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