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Sump and Grinder Pump Repair

Grinder Pump Repair Phoenix AZ

Many homeowners at Phoenix, Arizona rely on a sewer grinder pump to get their wastewater. These units are helpful and efficient when they’re functioning properly. For specialist grinder pump repair and installation solutions, trust the professionals in Merlin’s Home Services. We have exceptional expertise in the industry and can readily offer unique and comprehensive grinder pump solutions.
How do They Work?
It is a frequent misconception which grinder pumps and sump pumps are the same things. They are actually quite different. Water out of the drains, washing machine, and bathtub all drain into the grinder tank which is generally buried underground.

What are the Advantages?
These components operate similarly to a garbage disposal, but on a far bigger scale. Think of it as a garbage disposal to your entire house.

Common Grinder Pump Problems There are three problems that generally impact these devices. They include: BLOCKAGES: Large debris may get stuck in the grinder similar to big debris becoming stuck in a garbage disposal. This produces a blockage that has to be removed manually. CLOTTING: It is a phrase that describes the harm done by smaller pieces of debris. While the small debris doesn’t create the same kind of blockage, it does, however, cause a slow buildup of silt and other material. That will create the grinder to operate less efficiently.

GREASE CLOGGING: When petroleum enters the drain machine, deposits can form and clog the grinder pump. Be certain to hire a professional rather than attempting a drain DIY. This will make the issue worse by pushing the clog further down the piping system where it grows more difficult to treat.

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