For many, their AC unit is a crucial part of their household. However, when you’re thinking about buying a new one, it’s a relatively significant investment. Therefore, spending your money carefully is essential, as this HVAC system will help keep you comfortable for years. This brief overview provides six different things you should consider when you’re ready to buy a new air conditioner.

1. Your Budget

As we already mentioned, an air conditioner is often an upfront investment. You could be tempted to go with a less expensive option, but that could prove to be a mistake later down the line. Spending a little more money on a more energy-efficient system can help lower your operating expenses. While you do need to think about initial costs, the money you’ll save over the next few years will more than makeup for it.

2. The Warranty

Having a warranty for an air conditioner is necessary. Should you need HVAC repair, you won’t be out the costs should something unexpected occur. Installation with a trusted contractor ensures the unit will be covered. You’ll also want to familiarize yourself with proper maintenance to reduce the risk of a breakdown.

3. Noise Level

There can be nothing more annoying than trying to enjoy your favorite television show with a loud air conditioner humming outside your house. You may even find it necessary to move to another room to have a quiet place. Remember, the best air conditioners are incredibly efficient and operate with very little noise. The money that you’ve spent on installing a top-of-the-line system comes in handy when you want a home with peace and quiet.

4. The Size Of The Air Conditioner

You probably already know that air conditioners are available in different sizes. Consequently, if you have a larger home, you’ll need a larger air conditioner. However, you shouldn’t rush to buy the biggest AC unit out there. One of the aspects to think about is that larger units also use more energy, which could cost more if you don’t operate them efficiently. Before moving forward, we suggest our contractors come to your home to determine the size of unit you’ll need to be comfortable in your home without running up the energy bill.

5. Where The Air Conditioner Will Be Installed

There is a lot of thought that goes behind where you’ll have an air conditioner installed. Air conditioner units typically avoid areas with lots of vegetation or debris because they can’t operate at an optimal level there. Having routine checks either by yourself or with a technician is important to ensure nothing is compromising airflow. Don’t forget about the inside of your house either, as you’ll want to make sure there are no obstructions near the vent. Examples could include your furniture or other large items.

6. Energy Efficiency

Modern technology has made air conditioning units more efficient than ever before. One of the biggest ways to know if your unit is efficient is the SEER, which stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. Anything that has a rating above 14.5 is considered a good rating, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. As a result, you’ll save big bucks on your energy bill every month.

How Merlin’s AC & Plumbing Can Help

An air conditioner is a vital part of everyday life, especially if you live in the Phoenix area. In the summers, we routinely have days that exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, we highly suggest considering an HVAC maintenance plan. Here are a few ways our professionals help homeowners get the most out of their air conditioners.

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If you’re looking for HVAC near me, we’re the solution you’re searching for. We provide an array of AC and plumbing services in the local area. So whether you need HVAC repair, an emergency plumber, or ac duct cleaning Phoenix residents depend on, we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to request a quote or for any questions, you may have.

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