During the summer season, practically all people around Phoenix, Arizona, are in flip flops, loose clothing, and hydrating to beat the heat. Everyone is using their air conditioners to cool down. On the other hand, during autumn and winter, people in Phoenix are using their heating to warm their homes and sleep comfortably at night.

That is why it is such a bummer when your (HVAC) heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is not working.
There are several possibilities for why your thermostat or air conditioner is not working. Here is a run-through of probable causes to see if it might be time to hire a service provider that does air duct cleaning in Phoenix, Arizona.

Some function has been switched off.

Check if the thermostat’s battery is dead or the indoor or outdoor disconnect switch of your HVAC is turned off. These problems do not entail calling for an AC contractor in Phoenix. Sometimes, your thermostat might not be displaying anything because the batteries of your thermostat are dead. You need to replace them.

Also, when it comes to your indoor or outdoor disconnect switch (yes, there are two), this function could have been turned off by accident. Sometimes not likely, but yes, it happens. So this simple fix might be just what you need, and it’s pretty easy and straightforward to check, switch on, or reset before any other troubleshooting.

Something has blown off or faltered.

Perhaps a fuse that is connected to your thermostat or your AC has blown off. It is also possible that you have a blown transformer. A blown-up fuse requires replacement to make the entire system work. Some wiring issues may have caused a blown transformer. So try contacting your local air conditioner service provider in Phoenix, Arizona, to check and fix the problem. Unless you have the training, do not attempt to DIY the solution. There are a lot of reliable companies that can do the necessary air conditioner maintenance service for you.

Check as well if your circuit breaker has tripped, particularly the one connected to your HVAC, and see if there is some overloading that has caused the problem.

Your HVAC coils or filter are dirty.

A dirty indoor or outdoor coil can get dirty if you do not have your HVAC system maintained regularly. Sometimes you put your settings to “cool,” and yet the air from your vents do not release cool air. Eventually, dirty coils will result in your HVAC to become inefficient in removing heat. This problem will require you to call the maintenance providers who work on your air conditioner service.

On the other hand, dirty filters are the result when you do not regularly change or clean your air filter. Your HVAC system gets clogged up with dust and filth that restrict airflow. Consider calling Merlin’s Home Services who do air duct cleaning in Phoenix, Arizona. Your HVAC System and your comfortable family during warm and cold seasons will thank you for that.

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